Make them pay

International week of action targeting private jets reaches its peak with blockade of Farnborough airport

Protesters blocked the access to Farnborough airport, the biggest private jet terminal in the UK. This is part of an international week of action, with protests in eight countries demanding that governments ban private jets, tax frequent flyers and make polluters pay. They promise more actions will follow.

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“Make Them Pay” is a campaign to denounce and address outrageous levels of climate injustice. It brings together citizens and scientists from Extinction Rebellion, and Scientist Rebellion. and Stay Grounded

Private jets and frequent flying are the pinnacle of climate injustice. 

The jet-setting habits of for example Bill Gates and Paris Hilton mean that they produce an astonishing 10,000 times more emissions from flying than the average person. 

Only 1% of the world’s population causes 50% of commercial aviation emissions, while more than 80% have never set foot on an aeroplane – the latter being mostly the ones already bearing the brunt of droughts, food price rises, storms, flooding and sea level rise. 

The rising use of private jets, business class flights and air mile reward schemes for frequent flying are even more absurd under the current cost-of-living crisis and energy shortage.

Citizens’ Assemblies in multiple countries (see e.g. UKScotlandFrance) have shown that people are in favour of banning private jets. They also concluded that wealthy polluters should pay for their higher emissions, and that there should be an increasing tax applied to those who fly further and more frequently than others.

Let’s act together!
Addressing the power and privilege of the polluter elite are the precondition for tackling global poverty and climate breakdown: reducing carbon consumption at the top can free up carbon space to lift people out of poverty. 

With no useful policies in place yet, we need to use our bodies to stop this climate destruction cause by luxury lifestylesreasons. We need collective action! Join us in blocking private jets, and help to amplify the demands of people and areas who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

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