Make them pay

“Make Them Pay” – COP27 Actions – Nov 2022

New York Times: Climate Activists, Including Scientists, Are Arrested in Protests at Private Airports NBC News: Climate activists in at least 13 countries protest private jets The Guardian: Climate activists target private jet airports and demand ban at COP27 Forbes: Billionaires Tears: Will Climate Protestors Cancel The $28 Billion Private Jet Business? The BBC: XR […]

Make Them Pay” – Campaign Launch – Nov 2022

PRESS RELEASE – EXTINCTION REBELLION GLOBAL & SCIENTIST REBELLION November 10th, 2022 Media contacts: Finlay Asher, UK/EU, +44 798-460-2404 , Peter Kalmus, US, +1 646-335-3992 , –Starts– Citizens and scientists unite to take coordinated global direct action during COP27 against the outrageous sky-high pollution of private jet users and frequent flyers “Make Them […]